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Convention Schedule 2013

Here's my convention schedule for 2013!  I'll have comics and art prints for sale, fanart where permitted, and I'll be doing on-site commissions always!  

Hope to see you this year!

Maine Comic Arts Festival May 18-19 Portland, ME Confirmed
Anime Boston May 24-26 Boston, MA Confirmed
Anime Next June 7-3 Somerset, NJ Cancelled
Portcon Maine June 20-23 S. Portland, ME Confirmed
Gaymer X (form. Gaymercon) Aug 3-4 San Francisco, CA Confirmed
Otakon Aug 9-11 Baltimore, MD Pending
Small Press Expo Sept 14-15 Washington, DC Confirmed
Mass. Ind. Comics Expo Sept 28-29 Cambridge, MA Pending
Another Anime Con Oct 18-20 Manchester, NH Pending
AniMaine Nov 8-10 Portland, ME Pending

*Pending means I am waiting for applications to open or to be confirmed to attend.  Cancelled means I hoped to but will not be able to attend this year.

Hopeful early 2014 Conventions include Ohayocon (Columbus, OH), Ahn-con (Kansas City, MO,) and Yaoicon (Los Angeles, CA.)


by korimichele

Convention Schedule 2012

*Newly Added: Confirmed Montreal Comic Con & Yaoi Con.  Cancelled Bent-Con.

Below is my current convention appearance schedule. (Updated 8/14/12)

Below, find the date, name and website of event, location, in what capacity I will be attending, and status of my attendance. ("Cancelled" doesn't mean the event itself was cancelled, just that I've cancelled my appearance or was not accepted. I've listed cons that I've gone to in the past or have mentioned I'd hoped to attend.)

June 8-10 Anime Next Somerset, NJ Art Alley Confirmed
July 27-29 Otakon Baltimore, MD Dealers Rm Confirmed
Aug 31-3 AniMaine So.Portland, ME Art Alley Cancelled
Sept 1-3 Kumoricon Vancouver, WA Art Alley Confirmed
Sept 8-9 Baltimore Comic Con Baltimore, MD Art Alley Confirmed
Sept 14-16 Montreal Comic Con Montreal, QC, Canada Art Alley Cancelled
Oct 11-14 New York Comic Con New York, NY Art Alley Cancelled
Oct 12-14 Yaoi-Con Long Beach, CA Art Alley Confirmed
Oct 19-21 Another Anime Con Manchester, NH Art Alley Confirmed
Nov 10-11 Coast City Comic Con So. Portland, ME Exhibitor Confirmed
Nov 30-2 Bent-Con Burbank, CA Art Alley Cancelled

At conventions, I usually have for sale:

  • Print Issues of PoC and all associated extras
  • Free PoC postcards
  • Display portfolio of original pages, sketches, and paintings
  • Original and fanart prints
  • On-site commissions

Hope to see you!  Don't hesitate to drop me a line and tell me you'll be visiting my table/panel/booth!

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ROFLCon May 4/5

This weekend, I will be at ROFLCon, May 4-5, 2012, at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts!  I will be speaking on a panel on Saturday, and issue 1 will be for sale at the guests' vendor table.  The guest lineup is choc full of youtube stars and internet scientists!

Ganked from panel announcement:

The Titans of Fangirl Culture
11 AM on Saturday, Track C (Schedule)

"Continuing our panel shout-outs in the run up to ROFLCon, we’re very happy today that thanks to the combined tireless efforts of the brilliant Flourish Klink and Kimberly Chang, we’ve brought together the titans of fangirl culture for a mega panel featuring:

They’ll be talking fan culture, the hermeneutics of Livejournal, and gender and fandom in the wild and wooly spaces of the internets. Panel is kicking us off on Saturday morning next week. Excited to have them aboard!"



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Anime Boston Report, ROFLcon Next!

Woo!  What a ride!  Anime Boston was amazing, as always!  Met some fans, sold some comics, and reveled in all the Tiger & Bunny, No.6, Sailor Moon, and Revolutionary Girl Utena love.

JShea and I had a rad time, spent most of our time sitting at our tables in the Arist Alley.  But when I did get to escape (besides that quick jaunt to the dealers room to secure me some Kevin Bolk swag and, I kid you not, an actual animation cel from the Nick cartoon Doug [be still my heart]) I was poking around the rest of the alley as best I could.

Sakky was kind enough to stop by and buy an original off of me, though I repeatedly failed to make contact with her for the rest of the con until we were both exhaustedly packed up and heading home.  I managed to score three of the masterpieces on this beautiful catalogue from the wildly talented Yutaan.  Had some excellent chatty-chats and secured a sketch commission from the super-cool TacoFiesta.  Saw the ever-precious Tina Pratt, promised to buy a copy of the new Paul Reveres book and proceeded to forget (oh God forgive me forgive me I'll get one at MECAF I swear!)  Oh, oh!  And then I saw JD, of Mahou Shounen Fight! magic and that rocked like 900 of my socks because OMG MSF!  I also hassled ever talented Gina Biggs, but alas, she is super cool and will not remember me.

Soooooo awesome.

Anyway, what's next?  I finally get a little breather, and then I am off to ROFLcon at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts On May 4-5!  I wont be exhibiting, but I will be speaking on a panel about Fangirl Culture.  I'll post more details about that soon.  I will also have copies of PoC available for purchase in some informal capacity.  More on that later, too.  This is going to be a wild con- have you seen the guest list? Chuck freaking Testa will be there, along with the Vegan Black Metal Chef and the lovely lady from My Drunk Kitchen.  And the Double Rainbow Guy!! WOW!  It's like Youtube has burst ceremoniously into the real world and confronted us with the beautiful faces behind the screen.  I'm excited!

Thanks for a lovely weekend, to everyone who I saw, annoyed, bought from, sold to, geeked out with, and facilitated my being there.


by korimichele

Anime Boston: April 6-8


The time has come!  I'll be at ANIME BOSTON this weekend, April 6-8, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts.
I'll be selling:
  • Commissions!  At amazing prices!
  • Print copies of Issue #1 of Prince of Cats and promo posters
  • Drawings, paintings and prints of fanart and original work
  • Prints from the 1000 Idols Project
  • Prints of the 40 Years of Magical Girls Poster and trading cards
I'll be showing off:
  • A process book of all the original artwork from the Prince of Cats comic
  • Previews of Issue 02 of Prince of Cats
  • Other works-in-progress
I'll be auctioning off fanart paintings in the Art Show, too!
ALL PRINT COMIC ORDERS are now on hold!  If you place an order between now and next Tuesday, I will not be able to respond until I return.  When I return, I may be out of comics, and will need to reorder.  But I will reorder, and reorders will be shipped in a couple weeks!
Looking forward to meeting many of you!