by korimichele

Convention Schedule, 2012

I've got a busy year ahead.  Following is a list of the conventions I hope to be attending in order to promote Prince of Cats.  I will be selling books and prints, and as always will be doing lots of on-site commissions.

>>Updated 3/29/12.

March 30-1: ConBust, Northampton, MA.  (Artist Alley, confirmed)
April 4-8 : Anime Boston, Boston, MA.   (Artist Alley, confirmed)
May 4-5: ROFLCON, Cambridge, MA.   (Panelist, confirmed)
May 20: Maine Comic Arts Festival, Portland, ME.  (Exhibitor, confirmed)
June 8-10, Anime Next, Somerset, NJ.  (Artist Alley, not confirmed)
June 21-14, Portcon Maine, Portland, ME.  (NOT ATTENDING)
July 27-29, Otakon, Washington, DC.  (NOT ATTENDING)
Aug 31-3: AniMaine, South Portland, ME. (Artist Alley, confirmed)
Connecticon, Yaoicon, Another Anime Con, Kumoricon.
Will I see you at any?
By April, I hope to have some form of printed book of the first chapter of Prince Of Cats available for purchase.  It will include print-buying incentives, like extra offline bonus stories and images.  We're not sure if we're doing a issue-style book or a graphic novel shaped one, but I'll keep everyone updated, for sure!
In the coming weeks, the Gallery, Links, Characters, and About pages will be updated!  We are actively customizing the site, so if things look a little garbled once and a while, don't panic!  All will be in order again soon.  Thanks for your patience.
Thanks so much for following along!