Lee Andrew Holtzer

Lee is seventeen, middle class, and has his hands in everything.  Chorus, drama club, yearbook, prom committee (he’s a real social and organizational butterfly) — but his real love is biology.  He's not sure what kind of career is ahead of him in that field, but his main focus right now is getting into a college with an excellent biology program.  Rather, that would be his main focus if he didn't have a troubling relationship with talking cats and an intermittantly crumbling/budding relationship with his best friend, Frank.



Francis Murakami

Frank is five days older than Lee, and his best friend since grade two.  He lives and works on a small family farm outside of town.  He assumes he has a duty to fulfill in taking over the seventy year-old farm, and spends his afterschool time attending to the obligations there.  But his passion is fashion, and his real dream is to be a designer.  He makes and alters a lot of his own clothes, but doesn’t have a lot of hope regarding being able to afford going to college.  Frank doesn’t interact with many of his schoolmates besides Lee.  Being the only Japanese-American in the school gives him his fair share of grief — he finds he gets less of it when he keeps to himself. He is particularly close to the elder of his two younger siblings, Sam.  


Adi R. Cohen 

Adi is a classmate of both Frank and Lee.  She is tutored in English composition by Frank, which is something he does for a few students to get credit that makes up for his absences when things get busy on the farm.  After being rejected by her first love, Adi's kindled a close friendship with Frank's younger sibling Sam.


Owen Wright

Owen is "the other tenor" in the school chorus, and a major drama diva (both in the "star of the school plays" sense as well as the "gossip" type.)  He would be total "alpha bitch" material, if not for the fact that he is too short to be intimidating and too clingy to be taken seriously.  Since they have several classes together, and since no one else pays attention to him, he spends a lot of school time hanging around Lee.  They have a testy relationship, but they are sort of stuck with each other because of secrets they share.



Amy Murakami

Frank's youngest sister, aged 13.  She is a bit of a princess and a brat, opting out of helping with any of the farm work for fear of getting dirty or messing up her hair.  Frank and Sam have a habit of ganging up on her when she's being difficult, which just drives her more into her contrary and judgmental personality.  Her hobbies include talking on the phone and watching television.



.Sam Murakami

Sam is the middle sibling, and is only one year younger than Frank.  Although he spends most of his time watching animé or socializing on the internet instead of spending it with other people, he's a particularly perceptive and well balanced person.  He is the only one of the siblings who can both speak and read Japanese (Frank can speak a little, and Amy knows absolutely none.)  Sam has only come out to a few people closest to him as transgendered, so some family and friends still use feminine pronouns for him.



More character profiles will be revealed as they appear in the comic!