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korimichele 15th Jul 2012, 9:00 PM edit delete
We're back! Boy was that a long week. But not only are we back, but I have great news!

Issue #2 is now available! It includes 5 pages of bonus comic this time, as well as the usual extra sketches and a print-only art print. There is now a totally legitimate Prince of Cats Webcomic online store where you can pre-order the comic (and order Issue #1 if you missed it!) It will ship on or before August 4th, (but hopefully much sooner.)

Luckily, each purchase comes with a digital download of the whole issue, so you can read the bonus content as soon as tomorrow! Like always, if you're not interested in the print version but want to read the bonus comics, you can buy the PDF version only. It's all available right in the store!

In other news, I have been confirmed to exhibit at Montreal Comic Con in September! The guest of honor is William Shatner!! Woah!!

Thanks for hanging in there during my break, and I hope you're looking forward to the very exciting chapter!
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