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korimichele 6th Sep 2012, 10:05 PM edit delete
...well, isn't that a pleasant page to end the week with.

I'm on my way to Baltimore Comic Con this weekend. Lots of great people will be there, including the authors/artists from Girls With Slingshots, Interrobang Studios, Toilet Genie, and of course, my guest Noel Arthur Heimpel of Ignition Zero. And that's just a few. There will also be, you know...Stan Lee.

See where we will be on the map here! Table A-14!

In other news, I regret to report that I will not be appearing at Montreal Comic Con as planned. I'm very very sorry to the fans hoping to see me there, but some things have come up and I will be unable to make it. I'm terribly sorry!

That said, thanks for all the reaction GIFs! I'm never going to be at a loss for a table-flipping macro again. Until Monday! <3
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