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korimichele 14th Oct 2012, 9:57 PM edit delete
Now we're getting somewhere. Let's hear if for boys who aren't afraid to say the "L" word.

//insert Scott Pilgrim reference here.//

So, I'm getting on my plane to go home from Yaoi-Con 2012. It was a wonderful trip, and I met LOTS of fantastic webcomic artists, and some amazing fans. (Thank you, my precious Canadian friend, the chocolate was delicious and you made me very happy!!)

As I'm sure you're all wondering, I have plenty of copies of Extracurricular available. Somewhere between 60-70 left (I haven't had a chance to count,) so don't fret, it's likely that you'll get your hands on one if you want one. Info on ordering those will come in the next two weeks (but please be patient with me as I get that ready!)

Thanks for following along, and hello to new readers from Yaoi-Con! Check out the commission tag on my personal tumblr to see the commission work I did over the weekend, and don't forget, I have a twitter and a formspring if you have any questions. As always, email me anytime! <3
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