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korimichele 16th Oct 2012, 3:30 PM edit delete
Barely recovered from Yaoi-Con and I'm on my way to Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH this weekend.

Unfortunately because of an error with the last reprinting, I will only have 6 copies of issues one and two on hand at the con. So if you're coming with hopes to grab one, come early! I will also bring a handful of copies of Extracurricular with me, but I will not be advertising them, and you will have to show me your legal ID to prove you are 18 or older.

Commissions will be open as usual. When I return, I finally have a break before Coast City Comic Con, so I will be announcing online orders for Extracurricular and restocking the regular issues soon after that! And then, finally catching up on donation sketches! Woo!

Thanks for your patience with all that!
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