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korimichele 1st Nov 2012, 10:00 PM edit delete
It's ready!!

Prince of Cats Erotic Book #1: Extracurricular WILL GO ON SALE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4th at 11:00 PM US Eastern time, at the same time as the next update. (Find out when that is in your time zone here!) Be aware that a Daylight Savings Time adjustment does occur in the USA on Sunday morning.

The link to where you can buy it will be listed in this the author comments of Mondays page, on my Tumblr, and on my Twitter.

A few notes:
•There are 70 copies for purchase. When they're sold out, they're sold out. I won't be printing any more of this issue.
•Read the shipping instructions carefully. You must manually enter the correct shipping amount. If you don't, your order may be cancelled.
•Obviously, you must be 18 or older to purchase.
•You will need a credit card to make this purchase. You cannot use paypal.

The price of the Book is $6.50, plus shipping. Shipping is $2.00 to the Americas, $5.50 to Europe, and $8.50 everywhere else.

I apologize that this method does not suit everyone, but I've done my best to make these sales legally and as efficiently and timely as possible.

See you Sunday night!
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