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korimichele 6th Nov 2012, 3:18 PM edit delete
Ooooh that haircut. Wow.

Okay everyone, all current orders of Extracurricular are packaged up and ready to go. They will be in the mail today (Wednesday!) They are wrapped in opaque brown paper, so neither your mail carrier nor your mom will be able to see inside.

I am waiting on emails from FOUR people who need to provide their full names or pay for postage. Please check your emails, I have emailed people who owe information/money.

Many of you have asked if I will be reprinting or otherwise re-releasing Extracurricular. The answer is no. It was a Limited Edition of 100 for Yaoi-Con, and I'm glad there was demand for the leftovers! Part of the appeal of it was the rarity. Cherish it if you snagged one. If you didn't, please look forward to the next erotic book. The next one will be bigger and better and will be a larger run.

That said, I had a few cancelled orders, and now have a small amount of leftover copies. I will probably run some sort of contest to distribute them, because demand is still so high. I will give lots of notice about that when it happens.

Until then, have fun speculating over what might have happened in the very vague and sad flashback Lee is having. Illumination will surely come in chapter 3.

As always, thank's for all the support. <3
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