Guest Art Work: Peter Selmayr 20th Dec 2012, 10:00 PM
Guest Art Work: Peter Selmayr
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korimichele 20th Dec 2012, 10:00 PM edit delete

This piece is by the most amazing graphic designer I know, the accomplished Peter Selmayr. I'm stunned and awed and can hardly describe how absolutely floored I am by this beautiful piece. Please view it at full size to fully appreciate all the detail.

There are no website or credit attributions on the bottom because I could not bring myself to slap my lousy fonts on this completely hand-lettered piece.

This obviously describes a fictional place- the river is real but the geography is fake. He's done the most amazing things with the few parameters I gave him.


I also married him.


So happy Winter Solstice! If you're where I am, you have no snow to celebrate in, which is a bummer, but less to shovel, I guess. Be safe out there today, because it is also a day of appropriation of a date on a Mayan calendar for one of many proposed end-times, which I suspect we will survive like we have all the others, but only if we are careful to avoid idiots doing reckless things in the name of the end of the world.

On Monday I'll post my holiday illustrations (yes, even a link to the naughty one!) and regular strips will resume Wednesday.

Happy Holidays! <3

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