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korimichele 20th Jan 2013, 9:20 PM edit delete
Woh! It was so lovely seeing so many of you at Ohayocon! I sold out of all the comics I brought ... and my business cards ... and my postcards ... wow! Thanks for such a lovely reception. Sorry to those who were not able to pick up a book in person. You guys make me feel so awesome.

As usual, I did commissions (mostly Homestuck related) all weekend and posted photos of them on my personal tumblr (check them out here on my "commission" tag.) Be warned, some are NSFW.

So, just a little pic to conclude the chapter, and sketch comics through next week. Because Friday is my biiiiiiiirthday! So excited. Even more excited to bring Chapter 2.3 to you!

Thanks for following along! See you Wednesday with cats and Franks!
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