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korimichele 18th Jul 2013, 6:53 PM edit delete
Hey! A couple of announcements:

First off, there is a banner up on the page for the next couple weeks directing you to GaymerX, a new LGBT+ Gaming/Geekery con in San Francisco in August. I will be exhibiting there, and I did a bunch of artwork and design for their print materials. I will be there all weekend selling copies of Prince of Cats, TJ & Amal, and prints from BFF and TINF, so I hope to see as many of my west-coast-queer-webcomic fans there as I can*! (Also one of the panel rooms is named the "Prince of Cats Room!" Wow!!) Other excellent gay webcomic creators will be there too, including Yaoi 911(Artifice, Young Protectors,) and Mahou Shounen Fight! If you're in there area, come see us! (And check their comics out if you haven't yet!)

Secondly, because preparation for the back-to-back GaymerX and Otakon is a little overwhelming, there will be a posting break next week (July 22-26) so I can maintain a buffer through those cons. I will post some holdover illustrations on M/W/F, but regular comic pages will resume on Monday, July 29. I appreciate your understanding! This will be my very first unplanned break in updates, so I'm not feeling too torn up about it! <3

As always, I appreciate everyone's support! For those of you who have preordered Issue #4, those will ship to me early next week, so you can expect a shipping update soon! Thank you!

(*I am not an official representative of TJ & Amal, BFF, or TINF, they are just generously providing me with a chance to spread the love.  They are receiving full regular profit for their materials!)
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