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korimichele 9th May 2012, 8:22 PM edit delete
Oh, how convenient. Honestly, Frank, we need to work on this thing where you come very close to talking about highly emotional things and then abort the conversation entirely.

Don't worry folks. I'm not a total troll. All will be illuminated in chapter two. I promise. But right now? We have awkward post-date goodbyes to witness.

That said, I will be having an open studio at The Big Thaw in Portland, ME. Because it's being held in my studio building! So if by any chance you are in the area, stop by! I'll be selling some stuff and painting some stuff.
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koukoutsi 10th May 2012, 2:55 AM edit delete reply
Frank you'd better not kiss her!!!

As for Adi kissing Frank... no worries she's too short to do that lol
Trisha 10th May 2012, 8:05 PM edit delete reply
I'm concerned about Adi's face in the second panel. She looks hurt, or burdened with understanding, but still seems to recover.
Ahhh! The art is just so pretty!